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Near-death experiences?

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Near Death

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Near-death experience











Near-death experience




The near-death experience of Anita is once more a hint on a positive world, existing above / besides our world, closely linked to our world, governing our world, our fates, at least partially. Such insights make us able to see the relativity of a lot of happenings in our life forming crucial puzzle parts of our fate.


Elements of the experience, you are going to read, are intelligent beings, contacting you, embracing you with love, giving you a choice and giving you insight to make your choice properly.


Anita can choose to continue her journey in the visible world here or in the (for us here and now) invisible world there. She chooses to come back.

Further elements are hints on earlier lives and persons, who were /are partners in her succeeding lives in changing roles.

Another element described is the out-of-body-experience:

“I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body. I saw and heard the conversations between my husband and the doctors taking place outside my room, about 40 feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation with my shocked husband”.


She sees it as a wonder that her cancer disease vanishes quickly. But on the background of more knowledge it is not so much a wonder. Also people here can make cancer vanish rapidly (see www.killthecancer.kiddds.org) by killing the Candida-parasites, causing cancer. See video reports of nearly dead patients, cured by the method of Simpson, Canada. (google and find the reports!). The oncologist Dr. Simoncini, Italy, gives more examples. The cancer gone is only a sign, that the persons acting in the invisible world have medical knowledge an know to apply it.


The question, Anita doesn’t ask, is, why these persons didn’t apply their knowledge earlier. Why did they not prevent this serious disease at all? Many people stop asking questions at this point. Is their unconsciousness afraid of serious implications on their adopted worldview? 

In her report Anita tells to have had insight, how life works in general. But she does not tell the content of this insight.

In her report Anita says to have had insight, why she had cancer, however also here she tells nothing over the content of this special insight. So far a question mark! (The usual answer “We have to learn something” is not consistent. It’s not a question of learning.) The intelligent beings in the invisible world can prevent our diseases! Or not? They could. And they could give us insight in the “Why” of everything, the insight they have themselves. But they don’t do it. They could, if … ! If what? They could, if there wouldn’t be a big board “Halt! Forbidden!” Obviously there are more powers influencing our fates than positive beings only. Negative beings? That is possible! We cannot exclude that.


But who (or what) is governing the teamwork of all these powers? That’s the main question! Can that be a person? Our answer (here in short only) is: no. The teamwork is organized by a law of nature. That’s the balance law. Between the governing layer of the cosmos, the balance law, exist layers of positive beings, influencing our lives positively, and layers of negative beings, influencing our lives negatively. They have to, because of the balance law.  All these persons themselves are included in the big circulation, sometimes in positive, sometimes in negative roles. Permanent roles do exist, but are not permanently occupied by the same persons. From time to time all persons change their roles in the great rotation of life, all persons having their interdependent own fates. That’s the complete picture of the cosmos. See www.kosmoskirche.org.

See it as an offer of a worldview without contradictions, explaining the facts of life. You may agree or not. Doesn’t matter. In our vision your decision is influenced by fate. Your decision is the proper decision for you at this moment.


Please go on reading the introduction of a third party now ( Fred Burks, having spread Anita’s story via his Peers news mail-service ) and then the inspiring report of Anita herself, giving a true picture of a part of the invisible world, confirmed by many other independent near-death experiences, describing a part of the great rotation. Naturally, you find more often descriptions of positive parts of the rotation than of negative parts. The positive is attracting us, the negative is frightening us. However, they belong together. Denial doesn’t work. Accept, that they belong together.


The big denial is standing in the heart of the old churches. Since 2000 years they are waiting and hoping, that the separation of the positive from the negative takes place in reality. Their tragedy is, that that never happens. The ‘victory’ of the positive doesn’t occur. Nor the victory of the negative. They belong to each other, tied together by the balance law.


Fred Burks:  The highly inspiring near-death experience below was written by a woman named Anita who went through a most extraordinary experience in her near-death sojourn.

Anita's descriptions of what happened on the other side of the veil and the miracle healing which confounded her doctors show that life may be much more than most people think. Read on and drink in the rich wisdom and inspiration of this powerful near-death experience which has touched many thousands around the world.


Anita's Miraculous Near-Death Experience


“I had cancer (Hodgkin's Lymphoma), and on this fateful morning, I could not move. My husband rushed me to hospital. After doing scans, they diagnosed me with grade 4B lymphoma (the highest grade). The senior oncologist looked at my report and told my husband that it was too late, that my organs were now shutting down. I only had 36 hours to live.

The oncologist said he would do whatever he could, but prepared my husband that I would most likely not make it, as my organs were no longer functioning. They started me on a chemotherapy drip as well as oxygen. Then they started to take tests to determine what drugs to use.

I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this time. I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body. I saw and heard the conversations between my husband and the doctors taking place outside my room, about 40 feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation with my shocked husband.


Then I actually "crossed over" to another dimension. I was engulfed in a total feeling of love. I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and how life works in general.


The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable. Words cannot describe the experience. I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our three-dimensional world. I realized what a gift life is, and that I was surrounded by loving spiritual beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.

The amount of love I felt was overwhelming. From this perspective, I knew how powerful I am and saw the amazing possibilities we as humans are capable of achieving during a physical life. I found out that if I survived, my purpose now would be to live “heaven on earth” using this new understanding, and also to share this knowledge with other people. However I had the choice of whether to come back into life, or go towards death.


I was made to understand that it was not my time, but I always had the choice. And if I chose death, I would not be experiencing a lot of the gifts that the rest of my life still held in store.

One of the things I wanted to know was that if I chose life, would I have to come back to this sick body, because my body was very, very sick and the organs had stopped functioning. I was then made to understand that if I chose life, my body would heal very quickly. I would see a difference in not months or weeks, but days!


I was shown how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical. If I chose to go into life, the cancer would be gone from my energy, and my physical body would catch up very quickly. I then understood that when people have medical treatments for illnesses, it rids the illness only from their body but not from their energy, so the illness often returns.


I realized if I went back, I would return with a very healthy energy. My physical body would catch up to the energetic conditions very quickly and permanently. I was given the understanding that this applies to anything, not only illnesses, but physical conditions, psychological conditions, etc.

I was "shown" that everything going on in our lives is dependant on this energy around us, created by us. Nothing is solid. We create our surroundings, our conditions, etc. depending on where this "energy" is at. The clarity I received around how we get what we do was phenomenal! It’s all about where we are energetically. I was made to feel that I was going to see "proof" of this first hand if I returned back to my body.


I was drifting in and out between the two worlds. Every time I drifted into the "other side", I was shown more and more scenes. There was one which showed how my life had touched all the people I had come in contact with. It was sort of like a tapestry and showed how I affected everyone's lives around me. There was another which showed my brother on a plane, having heard the news I was dying, coming to see me (this was later verified to me, as when I started to come round, my brother was there having just got off a plane).

I then saw a glimpse of my brother and me and somehow seemed to understand it was a previous life, where I was much older than him and was like a mother to him (in this life, he is older than me). I saw in that life I was very protective towards him. I suddenly became aware he was on the plane to come and see me, and felt "I can't do this to him. I can't let him come and see me dead". Then I also saw how my husband's purpose was linked to mine, and how we had decided to come and experience this life together. If I went, he would probably follow soon after.


I was made to understand – as tests had been taken for my organ functions and the results were not out yet – that if I chose life, the results would show that my organs were functioning normally. If I chose death, the results would show organ failure as the cause of death, due to cancer. I was able to change the outcome of the tests by my choice!


I made my choice to live. As I started to wake up (in a very confused state, as I could not at that time tell which side of the veil I was on), the doctors came rushing into the room with big smiles on their faces saying to my family, “Good news! we got the results and her organs are functioning. We can’t believe it!! Her body really did seem like it had shut down!”


After that, I began to recover rapidly. The doctors waited for me to become stable enough to do a lymph node biopsy to track the type of cancer cells. Once completed, they could not find a single lymph node big enough to suggest cancer. Yet upon entering the hospital my body had been filled with swollen lymph nodes. They then did a bone marrow biopsy to assess the cancer activity so that they could adjust the chemotherapy according to the disease. Yet there wasn’t any cancer in the bone marrow.

The doctors were very confused, but told me it must have been a rapid response to the chemo. Because they themselves were unable to understand what was going on, they made me undergo test after test, all of which I passed with flying colors. Clearing every test empowered me even more! I had a full body scan, and because they couldn't believe they didn't find anything, they made the radiologist repeat it again!!!!


Because of my experience, I am now sharing with everyone I know that miracles are possible in our lives every day. After what I have seen, I realize that absolutely anything is possible, and that we did not come here to suffer. (Question: Why then painful cancer? The statement is irrational, not adapted to the facts!)  Life is supposed to be great, and we are very, very loved. The way I look at life has changed dramatically. I am so glad to have been given a second chance to experience “heaven on earth”.

Note: Anita's amazing near-death experience has been read and appreciated by many thousands from around the globe. To read more on her most fascinating experience and how it completely transformed her life, click here. For a rich and inspiring online lesson with other incredible near-death experiences, click here.


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Study   www.kosmoskirche.org  to become able to place all stories in an understandable connexion. Our aim is to create a worldview without contradictions able to interpret our experiences as completely as possible. Obviously the balance law is an important structure in the worldview building.


Anita’s story gives us insights and makes us able to see the relativity of a lot of happenings in our life forming crucial puzzle parts of our fate. It makes us able to change our attitude to persons we tend to react upon with extreme feelings (too negative or too positive) as soon as we see them as ‘fate partners’.



We have a true understanding, that the process of integration of the new knowledge (of an organized fate (Anita) and of an overall balance of positive and negative (worldview /theory of the KosmosChurch)) is not only a matter to convince the mind, the ratio, but also to convince the unconsciousness, indoctrinated in the childhood until today with other contents full of contradictions, and that the integration is impossible for a lot of persons today. However, we do think, that for a certain number of persons it is well possible to cross the border and to adopt the new teaching. Those who are on the shift since long time, unsatisfied with the old, are more likely to say “The new teaching is clearly better than the old!”

     Welcome then in our growing community!



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Een mens heeft het vermogen om te leren. Leren en cultuur hangen nauw samen. Door leren kan een mens een stukje verder komen dan alleen.


Het maakt niets uit, of je ver komt of niet. Daarvan hangt niets af. Verder komen is niet belangrijk, maar wel leuk.



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